Locks 4 Vans Sentinel Series Slamlocks Locks 4 Vans Sentinel Series slamlocks Cambridgeshire
Locks 4 Vans Sentinel Series slamlocks.
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Locks 4 Vans bring you the finest products on the market. The Sentinel Series Slamlocks are the little brother of the T Series Slamlocks, they are designed to give you maximum security with minimum effort as there is no need to do anything to protect the contents of your van other than close the door. That thought "did I lock the van? oh well, it will be alright I'm only away from it for a minute." The famous last words as it takes only seconds for an opportunist thief to walk away with a drill? Laptop? Cash? Or anything else that was in your van. 

The Shining lock in the door is also a visual deterrent to a would be thief with a more serious attitude and more damaging tools of his own. The Sentinel Series key is designed Specifically for applications where budgets are important yet quality and strength cannot be compromised. The Sentinel Series uses a the same strong dimple type of key as the T Series Slamlocks as key strength along with reliability and security are the most important things in Slamlocks.

So what's the difference between the Sentinel and the T series Slamlocks? The difference is that the T Series Slamlocks have all the features and security of the Sentinel seires but with the addition of a shutter door to keep all the dirt and salt out of the lock and the T Series also have Thatcham approval. Both locks have the dimple (security) type of key which is highly resistant to picking, both keys also have restrictions on the sale of the key blanks.

Slamlocks are suited for couriers, delivery drivers and some tradesmen, you may also need to use these in conjunction with other security products depending on your model van. Please contact us with the details of your make and model van so that we can give you further advice.

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